Chemical Peels: A Home Treatment or Something for Your Doctor?

Chemical Peels Houston TXChemical peels have been a valuable treatment for many years. Men and women of all ages can benefit from the use of a topically applied chemical formulation customized to their dermatologic needs. What are those needs? For some, the occasional chemical peel simply supports cellular regeneration that diminishes the risk of premature aging. In some cases, chemical peels are performed to correct certain signs of aging, such as sun spots, textural changes, and dull complexion. Finally, individuals with acne may be very interested in the use of chemical peels to maintain dermatologic health and to fight acne scarring.

It is no secret that chemical peels hold a bit of magic for the skin. What may be confusing about this treatment is the effectiveness and safety of various protocols. Originally, chemical peels were professional treatments performed by doctors, nurses, and estheticians. Today, it is possible to find kits developed for home use. Is there a difference? You bet. We want to discuss this here.


When time is of the essence, a home-based chemical peel may feel like the most convenient solution to your beauty woes. While we cannot argue with the need for quick and convenient treatments, we also know that chemical peels are better performed in the clinical setting. In fact, the few minutes that are spent in the office don’t feel at all inconvenient when you leave feeling refreshed and beautiful.

What you Get from Professional Treatment

Professional chemical peels are beneficial because they get results in the time frame you want them. In our office, chemical peels are:

  • It doesn’t matter whether you choose a light peel that you can get on your lunch hour or if you are ready for a deep peel to address significant concerns, a professional treatment will achieve noticeable results through a higher concentration of mild chemical compounds.
  • There is no way that a home-peel can be personalized to meet every person’s needs. Treatment in the medical setting begins with a thorough consultation and evaluation of your skin. By taking time to speak with you about the details of treatment and the goals you would like to achieve, we can tailor treatment to your preferences.
  • Because chemical peels are performed after we become familiar with your skin type and needs, there is minimal risk of adverse reaction. Of course, your skin will look red and may flake for a few days, but complications from even deeper peels are rare.

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