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chin implantsA small, underdeveloped chin is considered a common problem, but since it doesn’t cause physical problems, it often goes untreated. But that doesn’t mean you don’t notice it – and for important reasons you might not even realize.

It’s the key to facial symmetry and a pleasing appearance
The chin plays a major role in establishing our facial balance (especially in profile). And by many descriptions and standards, it also serves to define the character of the face: a longer chin is more likely to be associated with strength, whereas a short chin is often considered a weak chin. (Surgery can also be performed to move the chin back, which is actually a problem of the jaw, not the chin.)

The most desirable structure for the chin can often be found in art, which can be used as examples to help inform patient and surgeon during consultation appointments. Make yours today by calling: 713.271.9000.

When considering your chin, it also matters how it relates to your nose
The relationship between chin and nose is critical to facial balance. That’s why chin augmentation is often performed in combination with other procedures, such as rhinoplasty (nose surgery) and even facelifts. Conversely, if you have a large nose and small chin, rhinoplasty may not offer the desired results on it’s own, and the chin may need to be augmented as well.

You may not realize that a chin implant is what you need
Many patients recognize that something about their face is out of proportion, but they can’t figure out exactly what bothers them. They might think it’s a mouth or nose problem when the real issue is that the chin is set back to far, or just generally out of proportion to the rest of the face.

The chin implant is a relatively simple procedure
It typically requires a small incision in the crease underneath the chin, or the surgery can be performed from inside the mouth. Based on individual facial structure and goals, patients can choose from a variety of implant shapes, sizes and materials that will work best for them.

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