Your Dermal Filler Questions Answered

Dermal fillers have become such a popular method of refreshing the face that we can see the results of treatment in the most familiar faces. Just a brief scroll through social media is all it takes to get a decent impression of what dermal fillers can do. Or is it? From experience, we have learned that the availability of before and after images online may create more questions than answers. Patients come into the office thinking a syringe of dermal filler might give them the cheeks they have always wanted, only to feel disappointed in their results. Here, we want to touch on the finer points of dermal filler treatment, including how much it may take to look the way you want.

Filler Amount Varies

  • Generally speaking, the older the patient, the more volume they have lost and the more filler it will take to restore shape to the face.
  • Thinner patients may also need a bit more oomph to get the volume they would like because there is very little fat filling out their face.
  • Skin tone matters. For those with excessively loose skin, it takes more volume (translation: more filler) to fill and lift tissue.

The Amount of Filler Needed is Discovered Quickly

  • Dermal fillers provide an immediate result, which means we get the feedback we need to better determine how much filler is needed during the very first visit.
  • Most people get their ideal result from 1 or 2 syringes.
  • The goal of filler treatment is to achieve subtle contouring, not an overdone, overfilled result.

The Face is Asymmetric

Everyone’s face is uniquely shaped and one side hardly ever matches the other. This has to do with natural bone structure, muscle tone, and even details like sun damage and sleeping on your side. While dermal filler treatment can achieve slight improvements in symmetry, it is not magic. It will not create perfection in terms of facial balance.

Expectations are Everything

  • Dermal fillers cannot do what a facelift or more extensive tissue tightening can do. Improving the volume of the cheeks or other parts of the face will not make any person look 15 years younger.
  • The results of dermal filler treatment will be different for everyone. This includes the volume that is achieved with 1 or 2 syringes, how long results last, and which side effects occur, if any.
  • Dermal fillers add volume. That’s it. This treatment will not tighten the skin. This can be achieved with a facelift or, in many cases, FaceTite.

We would love to help you achieve your best look. To learn more about dermal fillers in Houston or Sugar Land, call 713.271.9000.

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