Can a positive attitude about aging extend your life?

anti-agingA recent study may make you feel really good about your decision to have a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure. The World Health Organization (WHO) recently reported on data indicating that people who feel negative about growing old may actually shorten their life spans.

Negative attitudes toward older people exist worldwide
It’s the first time a survey like this has been undertaken, and the data highlights the prevalence of ageist attitudes everywhere. In fact, 60 percent of respondents said they believe that older people are “not respected.”

Data was collected from some 83,000 people aged 18 or older in 57 countries
It confirms that discriminatory and negative attitudes about older people are extremely common, and they can have negative consequences, even for younger people. That’s because people who have negative views of themselves as they grow older don’t recover as well from illnesses and can end up living about seven and a half years less than those with positive attitudes.

There are 600 million people worldwide over the age of 60
And that 600 million will likely double in the next ten years. The WHO reports that by 2050, two billion people will be over 60. And yet negative attitudes toward older people seem to be on the rise.

Examples of age discrimination can be seen when people over 50 years of age try to seek new jobs or when those over 65 are required to retire. The ageism phenomenon is driving increases in plastic surgery for men and women alike. Patients come to us for various treatments and procedures saying they want to maintain a more youthful appearance in order to remain competitive in their careers or in the job market.

Feel good about aging
We also see studies showing that the results of cosmetic plastic surgery aren’t only aesthetic. People who have surgery to improve their appearance report an improved sense of well being and happiness. Regardless of your age, there could be a procedure that could help you feel better about your appearance. The outcome could be good for your longevity as well. Call for a consultation today: 713.271.9000.

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