Are You Watching your Calendar? Here’s how You Can be Ready for the Holidays!

Cosmetic Procedure Houston, TXThe holidays and all of their hoopla bring ample opportunity for bonding. This time of year can also create a heightened sense of self-consciousness. This is especially relevant for those who have difficulty taking a time-out to address cosmetic concerns. It’s not too late, and you have help. You may be surprised to see how much can be accomplished with a little bit of time. Here, we’re going to point out a few ways that you can feel your best as the full-swing of the holiday season comes around.

  1. BOTOX®. This injectable is renowned for its power in refreshing the upper-face. Botox has a bit of competition from Dysport®, another proven neuromodulator commonly used in our Houston and Sugar Land offices. Each of these treatments refreshes the face by relaxing contracted muscles for several months at a time. Just remember to schedule your treatment at least one week before any special engagement.
  2. Lip augmentation. You may not have considered lip augmentation just yet, but there are good reasons to look into such a simple, effective treatment. A quick filler treatment can restore the fullness that has deflated over time, or it can add fullness that was never there. We prioritize natural-looking results that make the mouth more friendly and appealing.
  3. Rhinoplasty. The results of rhinoplasty may not be immediate, but they can be dramatic. Slight modifications to the size and shape of the nose change the way that all facial features harmonize. The refinement of balance that occurs through rhinoplasty enhances the overall beauty of the face.

When There’s a Little More Time

One of the most valuable cosmetic treatments to emerge in recent years, CoolSculpting, quickly and naturally reduces body fat in the midsection or under the chin. Results from the first fat-freezing session begin to appear in as little as three weeks and improve over a few months as the body metabolizes crystallized fat cells. For optimal fat-reduction, most patients schedule three to four treatment sessions, performed a few weeks apart.

You deserve to feel your best, and we are here to help you. Learn more about our cosmetic treatments at 713-271-9000.

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