What Does a Neck Lift Do that a Facelift Doesn’t?

Sometime around mid-life, most adults start to see changes in their neck and face areas. These changes are only natural; the body isn’t made to resist the effects of time. However much we realize we will look different as we grow older, we may not exactly love watching those changes take place. Over the past couple of decades alone, we have been gifted with numerous significant advances in aesthetic medicine. We can fill out areas like the lips and cheeks with dermal fillers. We can smooth away lines and creases with Botox. Still, there often comes a time when a person considers surgical facial rejuvenation.

Facial rejuvenation has historically been associated with facelift surgery. However, there is also a procedure designed specifically for the neck. Here, we discuss how the facelift and neck lift are similar and how they differ. This may help you determine which is right for you. It may also help you understand why so many people combine these two popular techniques.


The objective of the facelift and the neck lift is to restore youthful contours. Each does so by repositioning weak muscle tissue and sagging skin. According to studies, people who undergo facelift surgery may look 6 to 8 years younger. The neck lift can take 10 to 15 years off the frame of the face. Facelifts and neck lifts are done on an outpatient basis. After about 2 weeks of recovery, patients can resume most of their normal activities looking refreshed and vibrant.


People can get confused about the value of a neck lift because the facelift is known for its ability to lift a soft jawline. Jowls are a huge problem for many people who are experiencing facial aging. These pieces of sagging tissue at the sides of the face can obstruct the angle from the chin to the upper neck. Since the facelift can reduce jowls, what is the point of a neck lift at all? What the neck lift does is tighten the tissue below the chin. Here, sagging skin can cause what is called a “turkey neck.” Loose tissue results in a crepe-like appearance and worsening horizontal lines across the front of the neck. If you placed two fingers at the sides of your neck just below the jawline and pulled up and out, you would see what a neck lift could do.

Facial rejuvenation is not cookie-cutter. Your experienced plastic surgeon can design a treatment plan around your unique anatomy and objectives. To schedule a consultation at our Houston or Sugar Land location, call 713.271.9000.

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