Christie Brinkley is Revealing Secrets, but Not Her Age!

Ultherapy Treatment Houston TXIf you have followed model Christie Brinkley in recent years, you may have uttered the same simple statement that thousands of others (including ourselves!) have: “she doesn’t age!” Well, the cat is out of the bag. Ms. Brinkley does, in fact, age, just like the rest of us. And while she has not yet undergone facial cosmetic surgery to reduce the telltale signs of aging, she has admittedly relied on a few treatments to help her inner vibrancy shine through. And guess, what? Both are simple, both are safe, and both treatments are available in our offices in Houston and Sugar Land.

Let’s Talk Skin Tightening

One of the common complaints that we hear from both men and women is that the skin just beneath the chin becomes noticeably thin and fragile with age. This is because the neck is pelleted with UV rays for many, many years throughout life. While we may remember to apply sunscreen to the face and ears, and maybe even the chest, the neck is like a forgotten island somewhere in between “valuable” spaces. One of the treatments that Christie Brinkley has said that she obtains Ultherapy, the non-invasive ultrasound treatment designed for the delicate skin on the neck and face.

Ultherapy is a customizable procedure that may take an hour to 90-minutes for the face, brow, or neck. It may also involve the fullest extent of treatment, addressing all three areas in a single visit. In addition to adjusting the duration of treatment, it is also possible to adjust how deep ultrasound energy penetrates the dermis. Obviously, the deeper the penetration, the more rejuvenation that is encouraged over the months that follow treatment.

How Ultherapy Works

Ultherapy is different than most other non-invasive skin tightening treatments available today. This FDA approved technique focuses ultrasound energy on particular cells deep beneath the skin’s surface. As a result of this focus, existing strands of collagen contract. This immediately tightens the skin. For up to 180 days after treatment, the cells that produce collagen maintain an active state in response to a perceived wound. This translates into a gradual improvement in skin tightness – almost like aging backward.

Aging doesn’t have to carry such enormous cosmetic consequences. Learn more about Ultherapy and other non-surgical treatments. Call 713-271-9000.

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