The Many Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal Tightening Houston TXVaginal atrophy is an important topic of discussion because millions of women are living with the symptoms of this age-related condition. When the tissues of the vagina deteriorate as a result of childbirth and the loss of collagen and muscle tone, a woman may struggle to enjoy sex. Furthermore, vaginal atrophy increases instances of stress urinary incontinence and generally robs a woman of her fullest sense of well-being. In our Houston and Sugar Land offices, we provide effective non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation using EmpowerRF. Here, we discuss the various benefits that patients can experience from this treatment.

  1. Comfortable treatment. One of the most common questions about any method of vaginal rejuvenation is whether or not it hurts. The short treatment sessions involve the use of radiofrequency energy that feels mildly warm when the small probe is turned on.
  2. Increased bladder control. The influx of collagen that occurs as a result of controlled heating of the vaginal lining restores firmness to this tissue. Muscle control can improve significantly over the course of treatment, freeing a woman of the stress related to accidental urine leakage.
  3. Better sex. Because vaginal atrophy occurs over time, many women do not realize just how dramatically their sexual satisfaction has been affected. Vaginal atrophy includes dryness. Many women rely on vaginal lubricants to offset this side effect of hormonal changes. However, the loss of natural lubrication can significantly decrease comfort during sexual intercourse.
  4. Enhanced self-esteem. The changes that occur in the vaginal canal do not only affect sexual satisfaction and bladder control; these changes also have a direct impact on the way a woman feels about herself. Women affected by the symptoms of vaginal atrophy may wear pantyliners to manage slight urinary incontinence. Some women shy away from sexual intimacy because they have become self-conscious about their body. When natural vaginal functions are restored, fear of intimacy is alleviated, and a woman regains a higher sense of self.
  5. No downtime. Vaginal rejuvenation using radiofrequency to induce collagen production is non-surgical. No incisions. No anesthesia. No need to take time away from normal activities for recovery. This makes EmpowerRF an excellent treatment option for busy women.

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