Wave Goodbye to Flabby Arms: The 411 on Arm Lifts

arm liftWhen you go to wave goodbye to a friend or loved one, the only one waving back should be the other person. However, if you notice that your upper arms are a bit more jiggly than you would prefer and that diet and exercise simply aren’t doing the trick, then you might want to consider getting an arm lift surgery. Read on to learn more about this surgical procedure.

What is an Arm Lift
An arm lift is the surgical procedure that involves the surgeon making small incisions usually around the arm pit. Once the incision have been made, a small scope will go into the arm and oftentimes, liposuction will be performed in order to remove any excess and unwanted fat accumulation. Once the fat has been removed, the surgeon will then lift and tighten the muscles and skin around the arm in order to give off a more taut appearance.

Is it painful?
The surgery itself won’t be painful because you will be under anesthesia. However, once you are in recovery, you might start to feel a bit of tenderness around the surgical site— which is very normal. Your doctor will likely prescribe you with some painkillers in order to help take the edge off so that you can feel more comfortable.

What is recovery like?
Just like with any sort of semi-invasive surgical procedure, recovery is one of the most important steps. When recovering from an arm lift surgery you can expect to avoid things like lifting your arms above your head, carrying extra weight, or working out for at least a few weeks post surgery. It is also advised to take at least a day or two off of work in order to give your body the ample time and energy needed to fully recover.

What are results like?
Results from an arm lift surgery are actually quite phenomenal. Not only will the skin and muscles be tighter around your arms but any excess fat will likely be gone as well— leaving you with the slender arms you have always dreamed of.

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