Facelift Surgery: Nothing to See Here!

Facelift | David Altamira MD | Houston, TXCosmetic surgeons have been performing facelift procedures for decades. This rejuvenating surgery has been around for so long, that there is a widespread perception of what it is and what it does. The benefit to a longstanding procedure such as this is that there has been ample time for refinement. The downside is that there has also been ample demonstration of poor performance.

You may know exactly what we’re talking about. Without naming names, we can say that more than a handful of high-profile celebrities have become poster-children for what not to do. On that note, what not to do is to move too quickly in choosing a cosmetic surgeon. Fear of an overly-tight, the gaunt-looking face actually shouldn’t keep you from consulting with a reputable, experienced cosmetic surgeon about facelift surgery. Here’s why . . .

Times have changed, and good cosmetic surgeons have changed along with them. The common school of thought (and the capabilities of modern medicine) a few decades ago was that a facelift meant pulling up and out and removing excess skin. Hands washed. Done. Perfecto! Not so much. Today, we understand the nuances of facial beauty, and facelift surgery reflects this by:

  • More conservative tissue lifting. It’s not that we leave superficial tissue hanging, but the modern surgeon certainly doesn’t remove the extra-extra skin to account for future aging. Instead, the tissue is draped where it should be, over the appropriate skeletal structures. A slight amount of wiggle room is left for volume replacement.
  • Volume is essential for youthful facial features. Not only do we know this, but we have ways to address the volume issue during facelift surgery, or shortly after that. Many facelifts performed today involve fat grafting, or injections of fat at points such as the temples and cheeks, to boost the curvature of the face.
  • Every facelift is a unique and customized process of rejuvenation. Some of our patients need relatively little work done, with most of their concerns localized around the eyes and mouth. In some instances, only the upper face needs lifting. Regardless of the extent of a facelift, mini or full, attention is given to symmetry and natural beauty.

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