Why you look older than you want to – and how to fix it

faceliftWhen we first start fighting the signs of aging, most of us focus on treating those lines and wrinkles that we can see. Over time, however, there are other factors that can contribute to an aged appearance. The good news is, these problems can also be treated. So as you put together your anti-aging treatment plan, don’t forget to pay attention to these three facial aging giveaways:

1.) Volume loss
It’s not often that any of us discus the positive attributes of fat, but when we’re younger, it can have a lot to do with providing a smooth, unlined facial appearance. As we age, we lose facial fat, also called volume loss, which can deflate the cheeks, the temples, and the areas around the mouth and in front of the jowls.

Facial fat loss occurs regardless of weight
Weight gain can definitely show up on the face, but it doesn’t really contribute to anti-aging efforts. As we get older, our face is much less forgiving when it comes to weight gain and loss, actually increasing skin laxity.

How to increase volume
Injectable fillers can offer practically instant results, smoothing wrinkles and improving contour.

2.) Uneven texture
Everything from sun exposure and hormones to smoking and genetics can negatively affect skin texture.

Make good decisions for your skin
If you smoke, stop; and always wear sunscreen every day.

How to improve texture
Consistent use of retinol creams can help improve and maintain skin appearance. Depending on your age and the amount of skin damage, you can also talk to us about chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing and other in-office methods for improving skin texture.

3.) Skin looseness
Everyone’s skin gets loser with age, but there are many methods that can help improve the condition.

How to improve skin laxity
By improving volume loss, filler injections can also improve the appearance of loose skin. In addition, there are other nonsurgical treatments, such as radio frequency, that can help tighten skin.

However, if you have significant excess skin, you may want to talk to us about surgical procedures, such as a facelift or neck lift.
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