Microdermabrasion for your face and body

MicrodermabrasionIf you’re looking for a safe, effective and quick way to improve you
skin’s appearance, it’s time to learn about microdermabrasion. It’s an exfoliation,
non-invasive treatment that works for all skin types, colors and problems.

No downtime, no pain — because it’s not the same as dermabrasion
You may have had a friend with acne scars who had dermabrasion back in the day,
but microdermabrasion is a much less aggressive and gentle method for helping
your skin appear smoother, brighter and younger.

Any skin on your body can be treated
Most of our patients are looking to improve the skin on their face, neck and/or chest. But microdermabrasion is also effective on the hands, knees, elbows, back and shoulders. It can improve the appearance of skin that is:

  • Aged
  • Scarred
  • Sun damaged
  • Blotchy
  • Uneven in tone
  • Thickened
  • Dull

Crystal-free microdermabrasion
Microdermabrasion traditionally uses crystals to perform the exfoliating process. Crystal-free microdermabrasion instead uses an exfoliating tip on the skin to gently remove skin cells.

By removing the top layer of the skin area being treated, we can reveal the new, smoother skin underneath — and promote new cell growth. Your skin is actually gently abraded during the procedure using a DiamondTip™ hand piece, which also vacuums away your dead skin cells.

Individualized to meet your needs
We use various sizes of treatment tips and different levels of coarseness so that your particular skin type and problem can get the right level of exfoliation. This also allows us to go from treating, for example, the delicate skin on your face to the skin on your back, simply by changing out the DiamondTip – in a matter of seconds.

Better for you and the environment
Crystal-free microdermabrasion can offer the same benefits as treatments that still use particles. However, we use the crystal-free process because it eliminates any adverse effects on your skin that can result from those loose particles, such as pain and irritation. Perhaps equally important, our Precision Diamond Peel System is as gentle on the environment as it is on your skin. Call today for an appointment: 713.271.9000

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