3 Ways to Keep the Weight Off After Getting Liposuction

liposuctionMaintaining a trim physique is a staple for many individuals. If you worked hard to lose weight, you want to make sure it stays off. This is especially true if you used liposuction to help you eliminate those last few pounds. To keep your weight off for good, here are a few simple tips and tricks you can implement into your daily life that will minimize the chances of the weight creeping back on.

Simple Tips to Prevent Weight Gain

  • Document the foods you consume. Oftentimes, the main reason why people gain weight is because they aren’t aware of how many calories they are putting in their body. If you document the foods that you are eating, you can determine how many calories you are consuming and how much you are expelling from exercise. If you aren’t expelling enough calories, you can determine how much you need to increase your activity per day to stay at your target weight.
  • Keep yourself motivated. One of the best ways to stay motivated is to find a pair of pants that you really want or a dress that you truly love. Add the item to your collection in your goal size and work hard to make sure you stay at that weight for as long as you can. When you have something motivating you to stay a certain size, you are more apt to do so.
  • Get a good support system. Try to find a few people who will support and guide you. You need someone who is going to motivate you to work out and eat the right foods to stay at your target weight. You don’t want someone who is going to have you eating unhealthy foods and sitting around on the couch doing nothing all day.
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To learn more about the liposuction process and what it has to offer you, contact Dr. David Altamira at 713.271.9000 for additional information. Liposuction can help you transform your physique, but it is up to you to maintain it after the procedure is done and over with.

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