Breast Augmentation Recovery: Do This, Not That

Breast Augmentation Houston, TXBreast augmentation is an advantageous procedure that can help you really live in your body. If you’ve been unhappy with the natural shape of your breasts or the way your breast shape has changed after pregnancy, breastfeeding, age, or weight loss, you know exactly what we mean. It’s hard to feel entirely yourself when your body doesn’t reflect what’s on the inside. To bring the two together – your body and your image of yourself – doesn’t have to be difficult. Dr. Altamira has years of experience performing breast procedures. He and our team are here to support you through your body-boosting journey.

The most exciting aspect of breast augmentation is getting to see the outcome of meticulous planning and performance. Here, we offer tips for what to do and not to do after this procedure to avoid missteps on your road to recovery.

  • DON’T rush into that lacy new bra you bought from Victoria’s Secret. Likewise, don’t fly free just yet, either. Breast tissue needs support while the capsule of tissue is forming around implants. Which leads us to
  • DO wear your compression bra. The gentle pressure from this garment minimizes swelling and bruising and also supports the healing of scar tissue around breast implants. You will feel more comfortable wearing the compression bra, too.
  • DO take pain medication as prescribed for the first few days after surgery. Remember that the effects of anesthesia may diminish your ability to gauge comfort during the first 24 hours of recovery. Taking prescription pain medication as directed can prevent unnecessary discomfort.
  • DON’T be fooled by feeling so good. Many patients are surprised at how easy their breast augmentation recovery is. This is a great thing, but it can be misleading. Even if you feel good enough to pick up your child or pet or a dumbbell or a yoga class, don’t. Time is needed for the capsule of scar tissue to form around implants as well as it can. Lifting anything or working out can disrupt the healing of this envelop of tissue.
  • DO contact your doctor if you have any questions. We are here to support you!

Breast augmentation can give you the body you’ve always wanted. To learn more, contact us at 713-271-9000 and schedule an appointment in our Houston or Sugar Land office.

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