What to Expect After Combined Breast Surgery

Breast surgeries are commonly performed harmoniously, one with another to achieve the best possible results. Two procedures that are often combined are breast augmentation and breast lift. One enlarges the breasts and gives them more shape. The other restores some of the perkiness that has been lost. Together, combined breast surgeries can give new youthfulness to the body. Here, we discuss what to expect after this expanded procedure.

What to Do Before Breast Surgery

If you are considering breast surgery to reshape the upper area of your body, you have two important jobs. One is to find a qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon with a strong history of successful breast surgeries. The other is to get your body ready for surgery. One way to do this is to avoid smoking and tobacco products. Smoking robs the body’s tissues of the circulation that brings them oxygen. This diminishes its capacity to heal itself well.

What to Expect After Breast Surgery

Some people worry that, by combining two surgical techniques, they will endure a longer recovery period. This isn’t the case. One of the primary benefits of having a breast lift at the same time as breast augmentation is that healing occurs over the same period it would with only one procedure.

The first week of recovery after combined breast procedures, patients focus on rest. For at least a few days, prescription pain medication is taken to maintain optimal comfort. Patients may feel sore and tender but should not be in intolerable pain. What many patients notice the most is that they are simply tired and need to sleep more. This is partially due to the prescription pain medication and partially due to the physical toll of surgery. After a breast lift and augmentation, rest is the order of the day.

Activities may begin to resume sometime near the end of the first week after surgery. This means short walks, going back to work, and performing light household duties. Patients should avoid all sorts of strenuous exercise, especially those that require the chest muscles. Activities that significantly increase the heart rate, as well, should be avoided for about 14 days. Heavy lifting and very strenuous activities must be avoided for approximately 6 weeks. While patients are returning to their normal lifestyle, comfort is also maintained by wearing a quality surgical or sports bra.

Breast surgeries, when combined, maximize the outcome without increasing recovery time. To discover the benefits of breast augmentation with breast lift surgery, schedule a consultation in our Sugarland or Houston office. Call 713.271.9000.

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