Breast Enhancement: Always in Style

Fads come and go in just about every industry. Plastic surgery is no exception. While people who seek plastic surgery may be somewhat influenced by social norms of the time, there are certain aspects of aesthetic medicine that remain consistent. Breast enhancement is an example. Procedures that are performed to improve the shape and size of the breasts have been common for many years.

Here, we discuss why.

  1. A relatively easy recovery. Breast enhancement procedures like breast augmentation, breast lift, and breast reduction incur recovery periods of one to two weeks. There is no hospital stay required after breast surgery. Single procedures like breast augmentation take an hour or two. Because general anesthesia is used, patients then spend a short time in a monitored recovery area. Once alertness has been regained, patients are released to be taken home by a loved one. There, they begin their recovery period. The recovery from breast surgery may include a few days of prescription pain medication and some minor activity limitations, like not lifting objects that weigh over 5 to 10 pounds.
  2. Last year, we witnessed a minor recall of a small selection of textured breast implants. Outside of that event, we have seen an increase in the safety of these medical devices. New types of silicone have been developed for breast implants, reducing the risk of spread in the event of a rupture.
  3. Natural-looking results. Speaking of trends, there has been a significant shift in what women tend to seek when they consult with a surgeon about breast augmentation. Where, twenty years ago, the trend leaned toward the large side. In more recent years, more women have been clear about their desire for breast size and shape that complements the natural curves of their bodies, not that stands out as obvious enhancement.

Your Best Shape is at Your Fingertips

Regardless of the current trends in beauty, a body that is naturally proportionate is always in style. Beauty is always in style. For breast enhancement that is tailored to your body frame, personality, and lifestyle, consult with an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. David Altamira. Call  (713) 271-9000 today to schedule a visit at our Houston or Sugar Land office.

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