Here’s How You Can Drop the Spanx

Curves. On roads, we may not love them. On the body, we do. That is if curves hit all the right areas. The body needs some fat. It is the fatty tissue that gives the body beautiful contours in the hips, buttocks, and even the abdomen. Too much fatty tissue, though, and we get problems like muffin tops, bumps and lumps, and too much accentuation in one or two areas. This detracts from the overall body proportions that build beauty. We’ve found ways to address these issues, though. Spanx® and other forms of shapewear, provide dramatic refinement. If you’ve relied on shapewear for a special occasion, you know how well it can work. If you’ve been relying on shapewear for some time, you may be ready for a change. Here, we discuss the reasons people are dropping their shapewear for liposuction.

Shapewear isn’t all that convenient.

The first time one wears a good shapewear garment and sees the way it smooths fat in all the right places, they may feel excited. It doesn’t matter that these compression garments might be incredibly difficult to put on and take off. When wearing compression for a few hours here and there, it doesn’t matter that the garment is itchy or makes going to the restroom a challenge. What matters is that confidence is high at that moment. In the long-run, though, wearing tight compression over and over can get inconvenient. Liposuction frees you of this hassle.

Long-term improvement.

Those Spanx may do a great job for a night, for a special event, or a big meeting. For long-term use, though, as we mentioned, this may not be a sustainable practice. Liposuction can be a one-time procedure that sculpts a troublesome area of the body. The outpatient surgery may be performed with local or general anesthesia. The patient is home in a matter of hours and can recover comfortably over a week or two. After liposuction, normal healthy habits can maintain slimmer body contours for years.

Love the skin you’re in.

We talk a lot about having a healthy body image. This can happen at any weight and shape. However, it doesn’t have to mean that you accept exactly how you look. A healthy body image begins in your mind with a picture of how you would like to look. This must be based on your personal preferences, not on trends or the expectations of others. Often, liposuction is sought by people who are generally happy with their bodies but would like to feel even better. Having liposuction can be a step toward loving the skin you’re in no matter what you wear.

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