How Long Does a Breast Lift Last?

It can take a lot of consideration and effort to undergo a cosmetic procedure like a breast lift. Understandably, one of the critical points many patients want to know is how long they can expect the results of their surgery to last. Here, we discuss the various factors that can affect the breasts and what you can do to address each.


It is no secret that our skin changes as we age. The reason for wrinkles and sagging skin is that the collagen that supports tissue firmness degrades over time and the body is not adept at making new collagen after about age 20. Without sufficient collagen, the skin becomes loose and thin and loose, thin skin is poor support for breast tissue. There are two ways to meet this challenge head-on. One way is to take vitamin C supplements daily. Time-released vitamin C offers sustained benefits that support ongoing collagen production. The second strategy is to wear sunscreen on the chest anytime this area is exposed to the sun.


Breast tissue needs support internally as well as externally. Internal support can come in the form of routine chest exercises to keep muscles toned but not tight. Chest exercises don’t have to be intense to be effective. Plank pose, yoga, push-ups, and light resistance exercises are adequate for good tone. Externally, breasts need the support of a well-fit bra. Push-up bras do all the work for the body and so they actually have a detrimental impact on the breasts. A bra that holds the natural shape of breast tissue is ideal for long-term support.


When weight changes, the breasts change. Therefore, to prolong the results of breast lift surgery, patients are encouraged to develop the lifestyle habits that support their weight. Additionally, like mommy makeover procedures, women who might have children in the future may be advised to postpone breast lift surgery until they have completed their family.

There are several advantages to breast lift surgery. We enjoy helping our patients discover first-hand what those are. To learn more about breast procedures and which may be right for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Altamira.

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