Is a Lift Enough for Your Best Breast Outcome?

Woman with perfect breasts in black bra on black backgroundIdeal body proportions are not a given. While nobody is completely perfect, nor must it be, some people seek treatment to improve the way the various areas of their bodies harmonize. It is gratifying to see the difference that can come from a single, well-planned procedure. Results from breast lift surgery provide a clear example of the transformative power of plastic surgery. Patients who are interested in restoring height and perk to their breasts may also consider if this procedure will be sufficient to reach their ideal vision of themselves. Breast lift surgery alone offers significant advantages. Here, we evaluate why a patient may consider adding breast implants to their lift for more stunning results. 

Breast Lift Versus Breast Augmentation: What’s the Difference?

Both the breast lift and augmentation are breast enhancement procedures. Both improve appearance, though they do so in different ways. Most people are familiar with breast augmentation, which increases breast size through the placement of appropriate breast implants. This procedure can improve symmetry and breast shape, as well. It is a good choice for patients with little to no excessively loose skin. While breast implants may slightly improve the height of the breasts on the chest wall, they also have weight to them. So, if the patient has loose skin and moderate sagging before surgery, this may appear worse after increasing the volume of the breasts with implants. 

Breast lift surgery is the ideal procedure for patients whose breasts have begun to sag below the inframammary crease. Patients whose nipple projection has changed from forward-facing to downward-facing may be great candidates for a lift. This procedure restores the breast mound to its rightful place on the chest wall by tightening the envelope of skin around tissue and trimming the excess. While the breasts can look perkier and more youthful and shapely after a lift, there is also a potential for a reduction in size. This could measure up to one cup size. During the consultation for breast lift surgery, patients should discuss their ideal outcome in terms of height and perk as well as size and shape. This in-depth conversation allows the surgeon to plan the ideal procedure.

A single breast enhancement procedure can transform the shape of the body. A combination of procedures can add significantly more oomph to the final outcome. Talk with an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon about your best breast procedure. Contact us at 713.271.9000 to schedule a visit at our Houston or Sugar Land office. 

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