Three Ways to Address Aging Eyes

Eyelid Surgery | David Altamira | Houston TXEye rejuvenation has become an increasingly popular way for men and women to regain a sense of confidence in their appearance as they age. We enjoy assisting our patients in their aesthetic goals and appreciate the ability that we have to offer choices in how their goals may be accomplished. Here, we discuss three potential treatments for younger looking eyes.


This well-known injectable is recognized for its power to ease frown lines. But there is much more than Botox can do around the eyes. The lines that develop at the outer corners of the eyes referred to as “crows’ feet,” can be treated with Botox to make them less obvious, or make them disappear completely when the face is at rest. Because Botox works by easing contractions in the muscles, this product is also beneficial for individuals whose brow line has fallen. The brow line should sit across the upper bony rim around the eyes. When muscle-tension pulls the brows down, the eyelids may look heavy, and the entire facial aesthetic may take a turn toward tired or angry. Botox is virtually painless and provides several months of rejuvenation.

Facial Fillers

Another change that occurs around the eyes with age is the depletion of fatty tissue. We can see this, especially beneath the eyes. When the fat pads on the upper cheek lose volume, the skin and tissue below the eyes are also affected. Hollows may develop, or undereye puffiness may become more prominent. In either situation, dermal fillers can restore a smoother, younger appearance. Fillers used beneath the eyes contain hyaluronic acid, a sugar compound to which water molecules are attracted. When bound together, these molecules plump lines and hollows for months at a time.

Surgical Eyelid Rejuvenation

There are instances in which injectable solutions would provide minimal benefit. Severe undereye bags, for instance, or upper eyelid hooding that is not related to a sagging brow line, are concerns that may be appropriate for eyelid surgery. Blepharoplasty is a precise technique for removing excess skin from the upper or lower lids. The skin tightening that occurs from this singular procedure can turn back the clock by several years.

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