When it comes to aging, wrinkles may not be your biggest problem

Wrinkles Skin Care Products | David AltamiraYou might assume that the biggest “tell” when it comes to aging is wrinkles.  Yes, they can certainly do their part, creasing your forehead, circling your eyes and denting your cheeks. But wrinkles may not be the biggest culprit when it comes to making your skin look older than it should.

If wrinkles aren’t the biggest age giveaway, can you spot what is?

So we all agree that lines play a big role in aging, but there’s another factor that really adds years: spots. A study even found that faces with uneven skin tone from pigmentation were judged to be up to 12 years older.

Genes also play a role in skin aging

As do lifestyle and environmental factors. Even if you’re blessed with good genes that help keep your mom and grandmother looking younger than they are, you may not avoid pre-mature aging altogether. You still have to make smart skincare choices, especially when it comes to the source of most age spots – the sun. So don’t count on your mommy to guarantee your skin stays younger longer. Use sunscreen every day.

Moisturizers can smooth your wrinkles, but you need more

Moisturizers can seal in moisture, but that’s about all they can do. You may even look younger temporarily after applying a moisturizer because your skin is hydrated, but the effect doesn’t last.

Addressing wrinkles for the long-term

Continue to use moisturizer (preferably one with sunscreen) to maintain your skin’s lipid barrier, which can keep moisture in — and bacteria, dirt and pollutants out. But you also need a product that actually targets wrinkles.

Products with retinol/retin-A

They contain active ingredients that are designed to cause increased skin cell turnover, exposing the new, fresh layer underneath. However, there’s a higher risk of irritation if you over apply.

Facial exercise is one exercise you can skip

Repetitive facial movements are exactly what cause many of our wrinkles. Facial exercises are simply that: repetitive facial movements. So contorting your face could actually cause wrinkles and make existing wrinkles worse.

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