More guys going under the knife (and the needle)

plastic surgery for men | David Altamira MD houston TXThe number of men having plastic surgery procedures increased over 50 percent between 2011- 2015, that according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). In fact, about one-quarter to almost one-half of those seeking appearance enhancements these days are guys.

Men say they worry about: The face, eyes, and hair

For those men looking for a more chiseled jawline, filler injections are the treatment of choice. For men wanting to reduce their facial wrinkles and crow’s feet, Botox is the go-to injection. And for all those men worried about their hair loss, new advances in hair transplants are making them more popular than ever.

Men’s skin is thicker, less prone to wrinkling and sagging

Lucky men, their skin seems to deal better with aging. But their thicker skin also doesn’t respond as easily to filler injections; because of their deeper hair follicles and roots, men also don’t respond as quickly to laser hair-removal treatments. These treatments are still growing in popularity among males, who report that the results are worth the extra effort.

Here are more procedures growing in popularity with men

  • Liposuction for love handles and breast fat
  • Neck lifts
  • Eye lifts
  • Eye bag removal

Women play a major roll in this major trend

When the girlfriend or wife comes along to the doctor’s office, it’s usually a sign this man is motivated to improve his appearance. The women may even accompany the man into the exam room to help point out areas that could use treatment, from bags under the eyes to a saggy neck to elongated earlobes (a common issue of aging for men). Soon enough, however, once most men have had a procedure, they become much more comfortable with seeking out treatment on their own.

Men view cosmetic treatments as survival

Many of our male patients come in talking about wanting to improve their chances in a youth-oriented job market or continuing to appear young and energetic at the companies where they work. Whatever your reason, gentleman, don’t worry about appearing vain for wanting to look your best. Call for a consultation appointment today: 713.271.9000.

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