Can a Mommy Makeover Eliminate Stretch Marks?

Mommy Makeover Houston, TXMany people have stretch marks from that adolescent growth spurt or natural changes in weight. It is during pregnancy, though, when the concept of stretch marks is most prevalent. If your post-pregnancy beauty goals include regaining a bit of your body shape with a Mommy Makeover, you may be wondering if your stretch marks can be treated during your procedure. There is, unfortunately, no single response to the question of stretch marks and cosmetic surgery. However, the idea of improvement should not be ruled out, either.

What Causes Stretch Marks, Anyway?

The ultimate question about stretch marks is how they may be eliminated or, at least, reduced. However, it helps to know why some people get these frustrating imperfections and some don’t. One of the reasons why stretch marks and pregnancy go hand in hand is that this physical life event stretches the skin quickly and extensively. Growth sports are similar. Because of the speed at which tissue expands, collagen production may not keep up with the body’s need to repair the skin. We may call them “stretch marks,” but these imperfections in the skin are really a type of scarring.

Location is a Key Factor in Stretch Mark Improvement

During a Mommy Makeover consultation, Dr. Altamira observes the abdomen and breasts and notates the location of stretch marks to include in treatment planning. When stretch marks occur on the lower abdomen, it may be possible to see significant improvement if not full correction due to the removal of excess skin through the lower abdominal incision. Mommy Makeovers that include a breast lift may also achieve substantial improvement of stretch marks on the breasts.

Learn More about Your Mommy Makeover

We enjoy helping women regain their highest sense of confidence and connection with their bodies through appropriate makeover processes. Every Mommy Makeover is conducted around the unique needs and desired outcome of each patient. Learning more about what your makeover would look like is easy. After contacting our office, you will be welcomed into our comfortable space to discuss your medical history and cosmetic goals. A brief examination of your tissue will facilitate the creation of a tailored treatment plan that guides you and our team through a precise surgical process and into a beautiful new you.

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