Get Your Holidays Off to The Best Start with a Personal Beauty Treatment

The big holiday gatherings may be weeks away still, but that doesn’t mean most of us aren’t already in the planning stages. What are we going to buy for whom? What are we going to wear to that one holiday party we’re really looking forward to? Will these stubborn lines show up in photos? We understand the desire to feel good when attending social and professional events. We understand the desire to like what is reflected in the mirror. That’s why we’re here right now to suggest you attend to your cosmetic concerns well before your holiday season gets into full swing.

When we’re talking about self-confidence, there is no reason for postponing beauty treatments that would be good enough. The problem is, we just get really busy really fast, especially during this time of year. Then we may also have that voice in our head that tells us we’ve got to prioritize others before ourselves. As we said, these are not good reasons to go into another holiday season not feeling your best. In our Houston and Sugar Land offices, we’ve got a selection of services that are so affordable and convenient that you could pop on by while you’re out shopping for everyone on your list. That’s a win-win if we ever saw one!

Pre-Holiday Beauty Treatments Address a Wide Range of Concerns

  • Frown lines that make the face look less friendly can be banished with Botox (as can worry lines and crow’s feet).
  • Thin lips? Plump them up with dermal fillers.
  • Creases between the nose and mouth can also be corrected with dermal fillers.
  • Jowls, that sagging skin at the jaw line can be corrected in one FaceTite treatment. In some cases, dermal fillers can disguise this lax tissue.
  • Dull skin can be revived with a chemical peel or microdermabrasion.
  • Need a more dramatic pick-me-up? Consider blepharoplasty for total eyelid rejuvenation. The bruising and swelling decrease quickly within about a week. After that point, makeup can disguise any lingering side effects.

We’d be happy to help you feel your best this holiday season. Call 713.271.9000  now to schedule your visit.

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