Are You Looking at Rhinoplasty All Wrong?

Rhinoplasty | David Altamira, MD | Houston, TXRhinoplasty is a beneficial nose surgery that has helped millions of people feel more comfortable in their own skin. While nose jobs exist all over the world, a fair amount of misinformation still keeps many from making their move into their desired appearance. Here, we want to shoot down a few myths that hold no value for the person considering rhinoplasty.

Oh, so Obvious!

There are always going to be certain cases of plastic surgery that we can point to and say “See? She’s obviously had work done!” Bad nose jobs exist, that’s a matter of fact. So do bad boob jobs and bad facelifts. However, these cases are the exception. A far higher percentage of nose jobs by qualified plastic surgeons turn out so well. You won’t even be able to tell the difference.

There’s No Menu

Many people want to change something about their appearance. When it comes to the nose, there are some who have a desire for a particular shape and size. Whether that be from pictures, a movie, or television screen. A new nose is not something that patients can order off of a menu. The process of refining the nose is intricate, and it takes time and intense focus. Our objective in performing rhinoplasty is to modify shape and size as needed to fit the proportions and dimensions of each unique face.

All Cosmetic Surgeons Are Qualified to Perform Rhinoplasty.

This may be true in the sense that any surgeon could obtain the necessary training to perform rhinoplasty surgery. However, due to the complexity of the nose, rhinoplasty is best performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon who has extensive experience with this particular procedure. Dr. Altamira is board-certified in plastic surgery and completed a full three-year residency in this specialty before establishing his private plastic surgery practice in the Houston area.

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